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Its is very safe way to color ur hair. However u have to follow some instruction to achieve the desired result as follows Firstly soak herbal henna and apply that to ur hair. Leave it for couple of hour or so. There after wash off the henna. Secondly soak the indigo power in Luke warm water, add some salt to it, let it be soaked for about half an hour. Thirdly apply the soaked indigo powder on to ur hair and leave it for couple of hours. Lastly make sure to cover ur hair with some plastic cap or bag…just to retain the moisture. After couple of hours wash off the indigo…and preferable don’t not apply any shampoo. As days go by allow the color to settle in. U can shampoo the next day but use only herbal shampoo.
By Rajesh Pasion 4 May 2017

I got it for my parents and specially for my dad as he is allergic to chemical hair dyes …his face reacted whenever he used those …and given his age , he has a lot of grey hair …after some research I found out about indigo powder & I went for this brand after reading the reviews …my dad uses it after applying regular mehendi and yes , it works quite fine !! His grey hair turns very dark brown to black  though his face still shows slight reaction ..this is much better than dyes.
By Riya on 29 March 2017

Amazing product. There are some negative reviews on amazon but I did not find any of such cons. It worked for me and gave me the color I wanted after Heena application. The color generated by Heena and Indigo is not black as claimed but it gives some king of luster and darkening effect that you get the better appearance than synthetic color. Even after a hair cut the hairs were not looking ugly as they appear in coloring.
By Sudhanshu Sharmaon 30 July 2017

It’s my third order. Excellent product.
By Anonymous Customer on 17 July 2017

very good. satisfied totally.
ByBharati C.on 5 June 2017

Really good…..awsm product…make my hair totally black…..first day use mehndi and day after tht use this for great result
By Anonymous Customer on 2 August 2017


Best Alternative to chemical-colours
Osm hair colour in both d ways either mixed it wd henna or apply after henna….simply suprb
By Anu Vikason 10 December 2016