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We are eco-friendly

Eco friendly simply means being friendly to nature. Earth is the only planet where human beings can exist. We need to be eco friendly to save our planet Earth and environment as well as making it a better place to live in. Million tons of waste is produced in the world every day. If not much we can make little efforts to help planet Earth. A person being eco friendly not only helps his surrounding to be less harmful, but also helps the fellow human beings and the animals around him. SM Heena Industries has made its clear policy for protecting the earth.

We care for preservation and conservation of environment
Conservation of environment simply implies the sustainable use as well as management of natural resources which include wildlife, water, air, and earth deposits. There are renewable and non-renewable natural resources. Conservation of natural resources generally focuses on the needs & interests of human beings, for instance the biological, economic, cultural and recreational values. Conservationists have the view that development is necessary for a better future, but only when the changes occur in ways that are not wasteful. SM Heena Industries always try to preserve the environment at every stage of manufacturing. Our herbal products are sourced from its origin in a way that it does not harm the forest in any manner and we do not procure any endangered species of herbals for our manufacturing. Many of our herbal items are cultivated item so they never harm the environment in any manner.

We are eliminating pollution
Pollution is increasing day by day and eliminating pollution has now become very important in the world since many big cities as well as smaller towns in many places are seeing the effects of pollution. There are many ways which one can help to eliminate pollution and make earth a better place for generations to come.

For eliminating pollution we, SM Heena Industries plant trees at our 75 acre wide farms. Plants and trees helps in reducing carbon dioxide. As plants take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen, if there are more plants or trees there will be more oxygen in the world. This in fact is one of the great ways for the elimination of pollution in the world. Recycling is also an essential step in reducing pollution since it saves new resources from being harvested and used. Recycling paper products can save thousands of trees from being used. It also saves energy and there will be less pollution. Reducing pollution simply implies recycling and conserving as much energy as possible because energy generally means pollution in some form. SM Heena Industries uses individual paper boxes for packing of many herbal items which are recycled after uses. We use paper corrugated boxes for final packing of goods for dispatching to various states in India and worldwide which is also recycled after uses.

We protect biodiversity
Protecting biodiversity is now very essential since biodiversity is crucial for reducing climate pollution and dealing as well as adapting to the effects of climate change. If we do not protect biodiversity, the effects could be as harmful as the effects of global warming itself. This is especially true with tropical forests- they are critical to fighting climate change and home to more species than any other ecosystem type. In other words, protecting biodiversity is essential for our well being. Biodiversity helps to balance the nature.

We conserve natural resources
Resources are features of environment that are important and value of to human in one form or the other. However, the advancement of modern civilization has had a great impact on our planet^s natural resources. So, conserving natural resources is very essential today. SM Heena Industries always conserve natural resources. We never exploit any herbal item for our manufacturing. We always procure limited stock of herbal items as per our requirement only.

We recycle waste
Many products such as paper, card boards, and cups come from trees. In fact trees are our natural assets, SM Heena Industries converse trees by recycling the paper products we can minimize the number of trees cut down a year. This is one form of waste recycling.We understand and know the importance of recycling waste materials. One simple benefit of recycling is it saves our resources.As mentioned earlier, recycling of waste papers can save our forests.

Recycling waste not only save our natural resources but also help save energy. By simply recycling an item or making a basic fix to it, we save all the energy that would have been consumed in the process of making it. The same example can be taken with plastic items. A large amount of energy can be saved by simply reusing the plastic items. To recycle waste is to simply reduce pollution. By recycling plastic material we can reduce air pollution as well as water pollution. Our factory never produced smoke while manufacturing goods. It is 100% smoke free factory.