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How to make Henna Powder

Henna is an organic and a natural product which is safely used to dye your hair or decorate your skin, with lots of medicinal benefits in it. If you want good reddish brown colour of your hair, Henna is a for sure a good bet which is been used over years now. Henna leaves are very well known for dealing with grey hair. Henna packs can be applied directly on the scalp and hair. It is filled with numerous medicinal values which can help treat any sort of hair related problems. Let us discuss the process through which we can learn how to make Heena powder for hair.

  1. Get the leaves from the Plant-Pluck the required quantity of fresh henna leaves and set them out flat to dry in the shade. Make sure you don’t have small curls in them. Make sure you do not expose the leaves to direct sunlight otherwise it will lose some of their medicinal values. It will take a lot of days for the leaves to dry and it’s really important that the leaves are dried to every bit. They should be dried to a state where it looks like dried chips. No moisture should be found in the leaves at all.
  1. Grind the Powder well-Make a powder of the leaves now. Use a mixer for the same. First use the big jar and then again grind them in a small jar. This will help you grind it properly and make a fine powder out of it. Otherwise it will not be all that great after mixing water. It will give a lot of fibres. So it’s always advisable to powder the leaves very finely. It is a very important step about how you grind it; else it will not lead to a good outcome.
  1. Strain it-Now as a next step you should take a muslin cloth or a sieve and strain the powder through any of these. This is the fineness. Do it twice to get the best result out of it. This will take out all small small particles which were left during the grinding process.
  1. Store it-Take a air tight container. Store the powder in the air tight box. No heat should be there on the powder. It should not be exposed to any water drops. You can also make use of any sealed plastic bags or any other bag which is air tight in nature. You can directly use the powder also. There is no requirement of keeping it for a day and use, it can be applied directly just after sieving it from a strainer.
  1. Additions-You can also add dry amla, hibiscus, methi or any natural form of powder for adding value to it. The nutrients in the powder will increase. Even if you have some dried flowers, powder of those can also be added. Curry leaves are good too for hair. It will be great if you can add some dried curry leaves as well. This will add the properties of the powder and it will give a lot of shine and volume to hair. It can be used as a great addition.

Thus, the above stated process will help you make a good Herbal Heena powder out of Henna leaves and finely made powder will help you apply it well on your hair. You can mix a lot of other things like curd, lemon, tea water or coffee powder to get good results. One important thing which is to be kept in mind while using this powder is that it should be used wisely and not wasted. Too much of everything is bad. You can store this powder for long. It will not go stale at all.Thus, this is the best way to utilise the medicinal values of henna and use it for hair. Added with other ingredients it will give you some excellent results, with good colour, long and shiny hair.

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