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Benefits Of Herbal Henna In Hair

Henna, one of the most popular beauty ingredient which is used and trusted by the Indians. Henna has taken care of our hair problems since old lang syne. Not only it is well known as a prodigious ingredient but also henna is famous for its benefits like conditioning, strengthening and nourish hairs from hair tips to the scalp. Women all over India use henna as a natural dye and getting its natural benefits. Henna has been the first choice of our mother and grandmothers’ and every now a then you will find them giving the advice to use herbal henna for hair to get soft and strong hairs.

Better results of herbal heena powder can get by the use of best herbal heena brand products. The traditional method of applying henna is using it while it is in the form of leaves but nowadays with the help of modern technology, those leaves are converted into henna powder. Herbal heena for hair in its powder form is not only easy to use but can be carried or supplied from one place to another place without the fear of leaves losing their freshness. Here are some of the many great features of heena powder used in hair and why should you give preference to organic heena powder as your hair’s best friend :

  1. Heena powder improves hair growth

Hair growth is one the most basic property which any hair product should carry. Heena, being a natural product helps a lot in the process of hair growth. Heena powder when crushed gives an oil which is very helpful in hair growth.

  1. Heena powder is organic

Unlike most of the hair products in the market which carries a ton of side effects with them, Heena powder in a product which is now available in 100% organic form which means your precious hairs will get most benefit as companies like herbal heena produce heena powder with 0% chemicals.

  1. No more worrying of hair fall

Heena powder is very effective in increasing the strength and quality of follicles. As heena powder directly affects the scalp, it becomes way more effective to stop problems like hair fall and hair thinning.

  1. Goodbye to split ends

Hairs which is dry and damaged are more prone to split ends. Cutting hairs is not effective in such cases and to get rid of split ends the hairs should be treated first and only then the dangerous cycle of split ends can be stopped. The use of heena powder is a great way to stop this repetitive cycle of split ends. Heena powder’s conditioning and nourishing ability take care of your dry hair problem and thus, Gradually cures the split end problem.

  1. Controls oil production and pH level

Sebaceous gland secretes oil which covers the follicles and stops polluting particles from entering and jamming into the scalp but when the sebaceous gland is overactive it creates more oil than needed and affects adversely, Heena powder controls the oil production process on the scalp by calming down the overactive sebaceous gland. Also, the pH level of the scalp plays an important role in the growth and quality of hair, Heena powder restores the pH of the scalp back to its acid-alkaline level which strengthens hair follicles.

  1. Prevents dandruff

Dandruff is a skin condition that affects the scalp. Dandruff is mainly caused by dry scalp, grease and dirt on the skin. Applying heena powder onto the scalp in the form of a paste of henna powder and water commonly known as Mehendi on a regular basis helps to remove excess dirt and grease from the scalp and not only prevents dandruff but also after a while prevents it completely from happening.

  1. Visual features

Henna in its natural form is completely safe and has no side effects whatsoever. It smoothens and strengthens the hair shaft and gives it a lustrous shine. Heena powder also gives fabulous hair colour coverage. This means with every application of heena powder’s paste it makes the shade richer. The henna powder gives a long lasting colour on your hairs and so there is less hassle as it lasts longer and you do not have to worry about those grey or dry hairs on your head.

  1. It helps to stop scalp itchiness

Itching in the scalp is caused due to one of the problems like dry scalp, dirt and sweat etc. Herbal heena for hair carries qualities of being antimicrobial and antifungal, it helps the scalp to cool down. As the scalp soothes, the process of scalp itchiness is slowed down. A regular use of heena powder’s paste will gradually decrease it to Zero.

  1. Thick and lustrous hair

One of the biggest hair problem faced by people nowadays, after hair fall, is thinning of hair. Due to pollution and stress, the quality of our hair is decreasing resulting in thin and weak hair strands. Organic Heena powder contains tannin which a natural hair binding agent. Tannin binds weak hair strands together to make them strong, thick and lustrous that to with an increasing effect with its every use.

  1. Heena powder is multipurpose

Heena powder is a natural product and has a special feature that it can be used in combination with other things as per the user desires. Its multiple usages make it more unique and special than other natural beauty products. It can be combined in various combinations such as; heena powder and banana hair pack, heena powder and Multani mitti hair pack, heena powder and amla hair pack, heena powder and coffee hair colour pack etc. In this way, heena powder in its paste form can combine with other beneficial items to give better results.

While purchasing herbal heena for hair make sure that the product you are about to buy is organic and is chemical free and always purchase best herbal heena brand. The market is flooded with many companies that claim to have chemical free and 100% natural organic heena in their products but only a few companies, like The herbal heena, provide customers with the best heena that could be found in the market. Also, make sure to wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner after the use of heena powder on hairs.

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